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Vocaluxe is a free and open source singing game, inspired by SingStar™ and the great Ultrastar Deluxe project. It allows up to six players to sing along with music using microphones in order to score points, depending on the pitch of the voice and the rhythm of singing.

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We provide portable versions of Vocaluxe for every release. If you want to try our stable release, you could also use our installer. If you're on Linux, you need to compile Vocaluxe yourself (for advanced users, no official support).
If you're looking for some older versions, check out our releases on GitHub and Sourceforge.


A version with all the newest development changes. Likely to contain bugs, so use with caution.

Jun 09, 2024

2024-06-09 | GitHub

Pre Release

Should be almost stable, but you might experience some bugs here.

There isn't any pre release yet.

Stable Release

The latest release.

Vocaluxe 0.4.1

2020-03-10 | GitHub


Party modes

Find the best singer by going head to head in challenge mode, or battle for control of the board in Tic-Tac-Toe - Vocaluxe offers several party modes


Tired of stumbling through the verse when all you know is the chorus? Try medley mode! Ideal for large groups of players and those songs that you only know from the radio.


Sing real duets, with different notes for each player. Players can select which part they want to sing, independent of the microphone they are assigned to.


Tired of re-entering the same names again and again? Create player profiles with pictures, so you'll always know at a glance who's supposed to be singing, and your high-score lists will always be correct.


Singing is even more fun when you can see yourself - Vocaluxe supports webcams. You can also use it to take pictures for the player profiles.

GamePad & WiiMote

Besides keyboard and mouse Vocaluxe has build-in support for GamePads and WiiMote

Smartphone control

With smartphone control you can remote control Vocaluxe or just take funny pictures of your singing friends. Add new player profiles for late arrivals or browse the song list to find out what to sing next.


Vocaluxe can play any song in the widely used UltraStar format. Choose from thousands of songs available online.


Vocaluxe supports many different languages - If your language isn't available just start translating it!



The UltraStar/Vocaluxe/Performous Community on Discord. Many developers, song creators and users are active there and happy to help with any problems related to the game and all related things.


You can find some nice and helpful articles in our GitHub-wiki. Feel free to improve it, if something is missing.

Open Music Games

Central hub of open music games, started in 2022. Many helpful links and information.


Fork and code

Vocaluxe is free and open source software. We're happy about every new feature that someone brings to Vocaluxe. So why don't you just start coding?


Want to help by translating Vocaluxe into your native language or by improving an existing translation?

Report bugs

Help us to keep Vocaluxe stable. If you find a bug, just open an issue in our GitHub issue tracker.


Playing Vocaluxe can be a lot of fun, but first you need some nice songs to sing…


Find more than 18.000 songs on USDB, from real classics to the latest hits on usdb.animux.de.


Your favourite song isn't available? Just try to make your own songs for Vocaluxe.